Friday, August 23, 2013

Six Creative Uses for Moving Boxes

     The moving truck has left and you’re finally in your new home or apartment.  Before you now are the tasks of unpacking all those boxes, arranging furniture and settling in.  While you’re probably anxious to get back to “normal”, all this takes time.  Unless you’re an A-type personality who already has a plan of “a place for everything and everything in its place”, finding a starting point may be the biggest challenge you’re facing.

     Let’s start with those boxes:  right now they’re just a mountain of corrugated containers that hold all your worldly possessions.  Once you finally get around to emptying them, you might be wondering what you’ll do with them.  Here are 6 creative uses for re-purposing and recycling those boxes.

1.       More storage:  If you purchased boxes to move your 
 stuff, you have some pretty practical and durable containers on hand to accommodate storage for almost anything.   Stack a few on their sides and you have a set of shelves that can hold sweaters, books or toys.  Go a step further and cover them with fabric or decorative paper and then you’ll feel like you got even more for your money as you now have added to your décor.  If you really want to get fancy, here are directions to create a one-of-a-kind wall shelf. 

Wardrobe Box
   Wardrobe boxes are not only a great solution for moving items directly from one closet to another, but they also make wonderful storage solutions for clothing that is out of season. Won’t that extra closet space be fabulous? 

2.       Green thumb assistance:  Look out your window and imagine no weeds around your shrubs or in your garden.  Flattened cardboard boxes make excellent mulch or weed barriers.  Cut a hole in the middle of a large, flat section and then place it around shrubs, perennials or tomato plants to hold in moisture and reduce weeds.  Over time, the cardboard will break down and will help improve soil quality.   The flattened boxes are also great mats for kneeling upon while you’re tending to your yard and garden.

3.       Play time:  Kids will love playing make-believe with boxes of all sizes.  Boxes can become large blocks, dollhouses or forts.  Mr.McGroovy’s website offers great photos and directions to create castles, pirate ships and more, all from recycled boxes.   There are also numerous boards on Pinterest that will inspire you to create games, doll houses, art and costumes.  Just search “cardboard boxes” and have fun looking through all the cool ideas.

Macro Photo Studio

4.        DIY Photo Light Tent: Perhaps you’re in to photography and want an inexpensive macro photo studio.  A box, some white tissue paper and poster board will get you on your way to some great macro photography shots.  Click on the photo for the construction plans. 

Make a lap desk

5.        Lap desk:  Make a child-sized desk that is perfect in the car for long trips or would even be great for use at home.  Involve your child by letting him or her help select colorful contact paper to cover the lap desk.

6.       Craigslist:  If you’re not the creative type and just want to get rid of those boxes without trashing them, list them on Craigslist.  Your trash will surely be someone else’s treasure and you can feel good about not sending them to the landfill.

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