Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10 Questions to Ask A Professional Moving Company

Choosing the right moving company for your home or business move is an important decision.  We've all heard the horror stories of belongings being held hostage in a dispute over final charges, of items being stolen or of lollygagging movers.  These stories are not urban legends; these situations do occur.  Here are 10 questions to ask every professional moving company as you plan your upcoming move.
  1. Is your company licensed?  The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) says that "If you are planning to hire a household good moving company to move you within the state of Michigan, make sure the company you choose has a license from the MPSC."
  2. Do you offer free moving estimates?  If your home has more than three bedrooms, it is advisable to get an on-site estimate done.  Be thorough in identifying all the items you need to move.  Don't forget the basement, attic, garage and any outdoor equipment and furniture.  While you're getting the on-site estimate it is a good idea to ask the in-home moving consultant about his/her suggestions on how to make your move easier.  Companies that care about customer service and making your move a positive experience will do all they can to help you.
  3. What are ALL your charges?  Does the company charge by the piece or by the hour?  Is there a minimum charge?  How do you charge after the minimum is met (in 15-minute increments or every half hour)?  Are there extra charges for larger items such as piano moving, exercise equipment, large screen televisions, or for any extra flights of stairs to move items?  Do you charge for the travel time from your office to my home or office?  Do you charge extra for moves in the evenings or on weekends?  Do you charge for moving pads or stretch wrap?
  4. Get an in-home estimate for your move
    What payment options do you offer?  Many
    companies require a deposit.
  5. Do you have full-time employees or do you use temps and day labor?  Be cautious of companies that use temps and day labor because they may not be properly trained or insured.
  6. Are the items insured during the move?  Moving is tough on your belongings.  Even when properly packed and handled by an experienced mover, accidents happen.  Most moving companies offer some form of liability insurance. This coverage will either be based on the total weight of your items, the assessed value of your items, or the full value of replacement of your items. Weight-based coverage might cover about $0.30—$0.60 a pound
  7. What kind of cancellation policy do you offer?  You should always be able to cancel or postpone until a few days before your move.
  8. What kind of training have your movers and drivers completed?  Do the movers and drivers "learn on the job" or have they spent time learning proper packing, padding, wrapping and lifting techniques?  Do they have the necessary tools and skills for minor disassembly and reassembly of household items?  Do they know how to protect the flooring, walls and doorways in your home?
  9. Do you carry Worker's Compensation for your employees?  Moving furniture is physically demanding and carries an inherent risk of injury to the mover.  For you, this means if an employee is injured while moving your goods, and cannot work, they can look to the Workers Compensation carrier for relief. 
  10. Are you an actual moving company or a broker?  Household goods brokers arrange moves by serving as an intermediary with any number of actual movers, who buy jobs from them.  Brokers, however, are not themselves movers and do not operate trucks or handle shipments. Going through a third party can lead to problems.  If the broker can’t sell the job to a mover for any reason, such as a low estimate or availability, you would end up without a mover on the day of your move.  Also, once a broker does sell a job to a mover, the broker may not be willing to intervene on your behalf if any problems or concerns arise involving the move.  For more information on brokers, visit the American Moving and Storage Association.
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