Thursday, November 7, 2013

10 Tips for Moving During the Winter

Relocating your belongings to a new home or office under ideal conditions is nothing short of stressful.  Add in the uncertainty of winter weather and your best-laid plans can easily be derailed.  There is no way to control what the weather will have in store on your moving day:  ice, snow, slippery roads and frigid temperatures.  All of which increase the risk for personal injury and damage during a move.

Whether you plan to hire a moving company or are handling the move yourself, the professional team at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® of Greater Lansing offers the following tips to help you stay safe during your winter moving day.

1)     Avoid slip hazards by shoveling driveways and walkways before your truck arrives.  Apply salt or ice-melt to the walkways between your house and the moving vehicle.
2)     Stay warm in the cold by dressing in layers; you can always remove layers if you begin to overheat.
3)      Leave the heat and electricity on in your home until you are completely moved out; consider leaving your door open during the move to balance the temperatures. Constantly walking back and forth from a warm house to a cold driveway can cause fatigue.
4)      Cover your floors with old sheets or tarps to avoid tracking mud and snow into your home.
5)      Place towels by the front door to wipe away snow from the dolly wheels as you come in and out of your home.
5)      Consider purchasing extra moving pads to protect all of your belongings from the elements
6)      Make sure your moving pads remain dry at all times.
7)      Have a shovel and salt on the truck so you can easily clear the loading area of ice and snow.
8)      Be extremely cautious when driving and watch out for black ice
9)      Keep towels in the truck so you can clean and dry the moving ramp while loading and unloading.
10)   Don't transport live plants in the cargo hold of the truck, as they could freeze.  Take them with you in your vehicle or in the cab of your rented moving truck.

 If you have winter moving tips of your own please share them in the comments!